Carole D'Andrea's 50 year career has spanned all phases of the entertainment industry. Teaching is the natural culmination of this vast, collective experience. From New York City's famed Carnegie Hall to the sound stages of Hollywood, Ms. D'Andrea has helped thousands of serious performers, in the United States as well as internationally, prepare for the challenges of stage and film performance.

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking for a private session, or an eager beginner in search of a nurturing, supportive learning environment, Carole D'Andrea warmly welcomes you to the stage!

"Carole's class is my artistic home base where I feel nurtured, challenged, and connected to other artists. Her insight is miraculous; her support, inexhaustible."

Amy Brenneman
Emmy Nominated Actress
"Judging Amy"
"Private Practice"

"If you're looking for a consistent source of inspiration in an open, non-judgemental atmosphere, these classes are for you. Carole's intuitive sensitivity and insight are amazing."

Megan Mullally
Emmy Award Winning Actress
"Will and Grace